Monday, April 23, 2012

Disappearing punditry

Before the vote counting began.
"Unless something astonishing happens, the Wildrose Party will form the next government of Alberta: all that remained at time of writing was to discover whether it would be a minority or majority.

"...Never mind that it has never governed, or has only ever elected one member of the legislature. The party did not even exist until about four years ago.

"Yet it will have taken down one of the most powerful political empires in the country's history: the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta, fourth and greatest of the succession of dynasties that have governed the province... Astonishing doesn't begin to describe it..."
I'd provide a link to the whole article but this is what you'd find:

After the results were in.

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  1. that is funny! the msm is now into revising history ... one day later...what a bunch of putzes!!

  2. I read that article just 3 hours ago Norm..What happened?..I searched 10 different links, it`s gone..

    Someone is pulling punches to protect.... Coyne?

    What a bunch of sleazebags, if Coyne can`t stand the heat maybe he shouldn`t make bold predictions until after the count is in, or the next day!

    Thanks Norm

  3. Hmmm... I guess the Ministry of Truth was working overtime last night!

  4. Somewhat similar to Christy Clark making a partisan press release/statement through her government office aften the by-elections then that statement disappearing (although, strangely if you look on CC's facebook page they direct to two links of this statement which, when clicked, are blank). Glad I printed CC's statement while it existed, glad you got the picture of the Coyne article before it was disappeared.

  5. Astonishing doesn't begin to describe it.

  6. Fortunately, it's hard to truly delete anything on the Internet. Here's a link to a Google cached version from the Ottawa Citzen:

  7. I guess Albertans aren't as angry of white men, homophobes, racists and flat-earthers as they thought in the Centre of the Universe and a certain basement in Vancouver!

  8. James King, VictoriaApril 24, 2012 at 3:13 PM

    IT's not just the MSM who are trying to hide their embarrassment today - the polling companies appear to have pulled the rug over their heads and returned to bed as well....

  9. This polling thing electing the Mad Rose party before the election had Tom 'THE SLEAZE" Flanagan's fingerprints all over it. Remember him, Harper's pal who, surprise surprise, was the Mad Roses campaign manager.
    He and they, even though they tried to line up the MSN and the polling outfits to preach the "They are ahead lie" and the "dynasty has ended lie" sure got their asses kicked. Maybe the tide has turned.




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