Friday, April 27, 2012

Deregulation and death

Government Press Release, January 2012:
"Finance Minister Kevin Falcon has won the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Golden Scissors award for cutting red tape for business by more than 40% ..."
I wonder if CFIB hero Kevin Falcon and his wealthy business and real estate developer backers plan to attend a Day of Mourning ceremony this weekend.

After all, "red tape" cutters who promote limitation or elimination of workplace inspections have had much to do with tragic events that immediately precede mourning.
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  1. Small example perhaps, but here is one of the things Kevin Falcon is proud to have achieved.

    It used to be illegal for stores to put a price tag or sign on goods with numbers so large you could see them from the moon, and then in script so small an eagle couldn’t see it from inches away a disclaimer that you had to buy many units of the item to qualify for that price. He removed that regulation. The only conceivable purpose for the practice is to deceive the consumer. Removing that regulation and bragging about it tells me all I need to know about Kevin Falcon.

  2. Kevin Falcon is the best politician out there to contest the most untrustworthy politician award and wrest it away from Harper.

    Need I say more?

  3. Kevin Falcon doesn't even know how to comb his hair, much less assume responsibility for ANYTHING!

  4. Who is the pit bull harpy with glasses who is seen ready to rescue kevin from the press?

  5. Who is the aggressive lady with glasses ready to save kevin from media press scrums?

    1. With Sean Holman of Public Eye no longer showing little-edited footage, the Liberal Party minders are not as apparent as they once were.



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