Monday, April 23, 2012

Dare we trust Enbridge with BC coast?

Sex, Oil, and Videotape, Ted Genoways, Mother Jones
"...Almost every day for more than a year, this had been [John] Bolenbaugh's daily activity—shooting video of the slow-going cleanup of one of the worst inland oil spills in American history. And on that day he wanted me to see "ground zero," the exact spot where, in late July 2010, an underground pipeline owned by Canadian-based Enbridge, Inc., ruptured and spilled more than a million gallons of crude derived from the Alberta tar sands—enough to flow out of this pond into the distant creek and on to the Kalamazoo River. A former cleanup worker himself, Bolenbaugh was fired in October 2010 by Enbridge contractor SET Environmental, because, Bolenbaugh says, he refused to follow top-down instructions to cover up oil.

"His whistleblower lawsuit, which accuses SET of wrongful dismissal, went to trial last Wednesday...

"...Bolenbaugh, for his part, has been single-minded about proving his claims. He has doggedly patrolled sites already certified as clean by Enbridge and the Environmental Protection Agency, regardless of whether the land is public, owned by Enbridge, or otherwise privately held. Enbridge swore out a warrant for trespassing against Bolenbaugh shortly before I met him in November—and had him taken into custody by a county sheriff's deputy immediately following the hearing on December 12 at which Judge Kingsley decided there was enough evidence for Bolenbaugh's lawsuit to proceed. (The trespassing charge was eventually dismissed.)

"But what has drawn the most attention from Enbridge has been Bolenbaugh's uncanny ability to win the trust of private landowners who fear that officials from the oil giant are lying to them; his access to their land has allowed Bolenbaugh to mount a one-man watchdog campaign via his YouTube channel."

Read extended coverage at ONEARTH

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  1. Hi Norman, I passed this on thru FB and Twitter. Quite unbelievable isn't it? We can only imagine the devastaion of a similar spill in our remote northern mountains here in BC.

  2. Also posted an update to Damien Gillis and Rafe Mair's FB page at the Common Sense Canadian (the

  3. I have watched Mr. Bolenbaugh for months, a very dedicated person. They follow him by helicopter and on the ground and intimidate him constantly.
    That is the Enbridge we are asked to trust with the biggest threat our environment could ever face.They have proven themselves time and time again to be disrespectfull for life and untrustworthy at any level and yet our federal government pushes this on us.
    Makes you shudder to think what the three day secret meetings in Ottawa with the Chinese Communist party behind closed doors will bring.

  4. Maybe Enbridge discovered it is cheaper to pay off regulators than to do real clean-up.



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