Friday, March 2, 2012

Time away is temporary

Posting of new items will be light for the next short while as I focus my time on others things. Typical of one person blogs, output occasionally suffers because life interferes.

One thing I've been doing is spending time with grandkids and, oh my, have I had my fill of The Wiggles, even with Rolf Harris.

No matter how much I try, 3-year old Odie or his little brother just won't discuss politics in a meaningful way. He'd rather play with Lego or build new tracks for Thomas the Train.

Recent good news in the Farrell household is that grandchild number six is on the way.

Wow. When the baby of our family is having a baby, that reminds me that time is inexorable. We tend not to think about that in our young and middle years. Oh well.

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  1. Glad to hear from you - I miss your postings!
    Congratulations on grandchild number 6!
    Have fun:)

  2. What could be more important than the silliness in Victoria? Our 9 and 7 year old ones keep us busy. That's what it is all about. Just spent five Thursdays at night school doing Lego Mindstorms robotics with our older one. So three off school days next week will be programming robots and ignoring Victoria.


  3. We miss your excellent articles Norm, but at the same time enjoy family... it's important & rewarding.

    Guy in Victoria.

  4. Nothing is more important than tending for the future. I used to sneak politics in with the Alphabet blocks and those subversive environmental books, like Peter Rabbit or Franklin the Turtle.

  5. At least when you say "Families First" you mean it Norm, unlike the unabashed 'n' unelected harridan in Victoria.

  6. Life is a barrel of laughs with my little granddaughter. They live out of town, on five acres.

    They had two flocks of Chickens. The white chickens are the meat chickens, the black ones are the egg layers. One white chicken escaped the deep freeze. She lives right up at the house, in the open ended woodshed. The black chickens pick on her, so she can't live in the hen house. Her name is Bok Bok, because that's what she says. My little granddaughter has conversations with Bok Bok. The chicken talks back at my granddaughter. It looks like Bok Bok will continue to evade the freezer. There is one black chicken, that is Bok Bok's friend. Her name is Henny-Penny. As soon as she hears life waking up at the house. She races up the path to the house and lays an egg, every morning. Henny-Penny spends the day with Bok Bok, and goes back to the hen house for night.

    When my granddaughter goes out side to play, the chickens stay right beside her. I had never seen Chickens behave this way. My granddaughter has a puppy, that is a herd dog. This puppy constantly herds the chickens. So the yelling, squawking and barking, is non-stop. My granddaughter is having quite the time, trying to tell her puppy, to not include Bok Bok in the puppy's herding. My daughter-in-law told my granddaughter, to get the dog biscuit box to shake, to bring the puppy in so the chickens could eat. Instead of the pup, two of the horses came running to the door. Then she was trying to tell the horses, the biscuits weren't for them. Then I heard her shriek. I went running, that scream scared me. The horses ate my daughter-in-laws pies, which were cooling out side up on a bench. Their noses were purple from eating blueberry pie.

    Stuff like that goes on everyday out there. It's a laugh a minute, watching my little granddaughter trying to manage all her pets. She will be four, her next birthday.

  7. I offer the following video as proof that I subscribe to your approach to grandchildren. Background is Jerry Garcia and David Grisman "Not Just For Kids" We have also added Rick Scott and lots of Dan Zanes, both of whom make children's music that doesn't insult adults. Joshua was three when this happened. He's now five and just two more years more charming and endearing.

    I'll read anything you write, but all in its own time.



  8. Tired of Rolf Harris?

    Say it ain't so Norm!

    (and we'll keep a light on for ya')


    1. I was a fan when he was a sure-fire hit at Vancouver's Cave Supper Club in the sixties. It was such a sophisticated place - you didn't have to bring your own bottle in a discreet paper bag. The establishment could actually serve set-ups that didn't need add additions.

      I also fondly remember Rolf performing at Expo 67 in Montreal. As Jake the Peg, he was a hit.

      Strangely - at least to my old self - he's seems to have become a target of derision now in England among those who think themselves "hip" or whatever today's term would be.

      Too bad, but I couldn't understand why my parents loved George Formby (thanks Billy Brown) when I was a kid.

  9. 6 grandchildren.. what a blessing and legacy at once. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Laila. I know you understand the separate pleasures of dealing with offspring still very young and those toying with maturity. I seem to be advancing to that stage where instead of caring for young ones, they assume I am the one needing care - and maybe they're right.


  10. My advice is let them do what they feel they need to do to take care of you Norm,even if you don't need it! Yes, I am among the rare parent with young and mature in the same house.My youngest, 3, is currently obsessed with the talents of his penis, while my eldest and only daughter,has taken the position of Shop Steward at her place of employment that allows her to study part time at university. That means while I am trying to complete a project, I am also reminding the youngest of why his penis is not for public display, schooling the puppy on stealing paper towel from the counter, and offering counsel to my daughter on how to handle the first meeting with her employer after having taken the position as shop steward for her co-workers... some days, I wonder how I shall survive!!

    I look forward to the days of grandparent... so much fun, without the intensity of inherent responsibility. That being said... I cherish every moment with my young ones, knowing how fleeting the time given to me is!

    1. You provide words of a caring person, Laila. I salute you. Your kids (and eventually, grandkids) will too.

      This week, one of my 5-year old grandsons enthusiastically showed me a library book about "The Body" that he finds fascinating. Reading it together with his 3 y.o. brother, I was intrigued by their interest in organs not ordinarily on display. He seemed most taken by the heart.

      Pre-schoolers haven't learned that only certain parts can be talked about in polite company. To them, whatever can be observed is worth observing. From the very young, we get innocent innocence. It is enjoyable.



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