Thursday, March 29, 2012

Send message to protect environmental reviews

Today’s budget announcements make it clear that long-standing legal protections for the environment, including environmental reviews of major industrial projects like mines and oil pipelines will soon be rolled back or eliminated.

For decades, Canadians have depended on the federal government to safeguard our families and nature from pollution, toxic contamination and other environmental problems through a safety net of environmental laws. Today’s budget would cut up this environmental safety net to serve the interests of a few big companies.

Tens of thousands of Canadians are urging the federal government to protect the safety and security of our families and of nature through strong environmental laws. Join with us by signing the petition below and forwarding this email widely.
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  1. "The real issue is the integrity of the political process. There was collusion between high government and the industry to get this through before the public had a chance to be heard." Bill Moyer, Jan 20'12, re: Obama's rejection of the Keystone pipeline from Alberta to Texas

    Collusion - perfect word.

    Collusion between oil industry and Harper government is what we're seeing here in Canada.

    1. At what point does collusion become corruption? Some including myself, would say that we are beyond that point now.

  2. I think we're well beyond that point. I'm beginning to think it's been planned for a long time.



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