Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rivers: "Run of" or "Ruin of" - a choice

Message from Gwen Barlee, one of this province's most honourable preservationists:
"The Kokish is a wild river on Vancouver Island that is home to Dolly Varden, cutthroat trout, 5 species of wild salmon, and 2 endangered runs of steelhead.

"DFO will be making a decision about whether to allow a private power project on the river very likely in the next 10 days and we need to make sure they keep the Kokish wild.

"Look for the full page ad in tomorrow's Vancouver Province featuring Willie Mitchell - NHL player, LA Kings."

Please visit SAVE THE KOKISH

The power project on this pristine north-island river is brought to us by Brookfield Asset Management, a company known to older folks as Edward and Peter Bronfman's Brascan. It is one of those organizations that puts families and communities first, a small business with world assets worth about $150 BILLION, located mostly in the USA.

Brookfield owns or once controlled Noranda Inc., Falconbridge Limited, Labatt, Royal Trust, MacMillan Bloedel, London Life and numerous other corporate brands.

A few years ago, they tried to log old-growth heritage timber on Vancouver Island. Instead of ancient trees, they wanted 2 by 4's. Do they care a damn about British Columbia today?

Probably, about as much as when, through Noranda, they guided a significant British Columbia employer into the corporate toilet. The boys from Bay Street wasted it, then sold MacBlo to Weyerhaeuser - a deal that produced fortunes for a few executives (Hello, Tom Stephens) and less than nothing for pensioners, investors and workers.

Brookfield has done the deal that is au courant. They partnered with a few important people from the Namgis First Nation. A familiar script, is it not? We're left to wonder if the contract will benefit the nation or a few families leading the nation.

Regardless, the real issue is about preserving parts of British Columbia that have not yet been scarred by humans and their careless endeavours. For the Kokish River, perhaps the die is cast but citizens still have opportunity to express opinions.

Write Now!

Political Minister for BC, James Moore 604-937-5650

Local MP and Cabinet Minister John Duncan 250-338-9381

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Keith Ashfield 613-992-1067

DFO Regional Director General Susan Farlinger 604-666-6098

Here are some points to you should add to your email:
  • The amount and quality of fish habitat will be severely reduced as a result of decreased stream flow.
  • Adult fish migrating upstream will be blocked or delayed.
  • Juvenile fish migrating downstream will encounter blockage or delay when migrating downstream by the water intake, and further delay in the reduced-flow diversion reach.
  • Rapid changes in water flow during project operations can damage fish and habitat by dewatering habitat and stranding fish.
  • The trapping of bed load behind the dam can prevent gravel from moving downstream and negatively impact fish rearing, spawning and incubation.
  • The intake weir will create an obstacle to migrating fish and the technology to mitigate this obstacle has not been proven on a river like the Kokish which has high flows and large volumes of debris.
  • Operational failure is a big concern at river diversion projects. When combined with reduced instream flows, delayed or blocked fish migration and reduced fish habitat the results can be significant.

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  1. Norm, I had a look at the Save the Kokish web site. It could certainly have more information to be more pursuasive:
    - We are usually told that run of river uses water in sections of river where there aren't fish. In this system, they are reducing flows in the area where there are significant fishery resources. Water is the biggest component of fish habitat.
    - There is no mention that the money Brascan makes will be made by way of a subsidy on our hydro rates. Hydro pays them more than the going rate for supposedly "green" power (see comment above). That means that we have to pay higher rates to make the numbers work (and to pay the deferral accounts where christy clark is trying to hide her government's fiscal failures).

  2. Noranda was nothing more than a rapist, aiming for a moment's satisfaction through exploitation of B.C. resources, then tossing those assets aside and moving elsewhere.

    Brookfield will be the same. They promise to heat our house by burning the contents of it.

  3. Our beautiful province is under siege as usual. Our salmon are being killed off by, the filthy diseased fish farms, because of government greed. Campbell thieved and sold our BCR. He sent our mills to China along with our raw logs. This put 131,000 BC mill workers out of work. China also owns BC mines. They are bringing their own people, to work those mines. Not only that, Harper is permitting China, to buy out the tar sands. China is bringing their own people, to work their vast tar sands projects.

    Campbell thieved and sold our rivers. The eco damage is catastrophic. The rivers used for hydro, have destroyed important salmon runs, flora and fauna. Now the beautiful Kokish River, is next for destruction, because of greed. If you can believe it...The site C dam will be used for fracking, which poisons the clean underground drinking water. People will be able to light the water from their faucets on fire. The dam also will flood, the most valuable farmland in Canada. Talk about the stupidity of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals...they abound with it. BC is short on farmland, and those BC Liberal idiots, just keep right ona going with their disgusting greed.

    Boessenkool is having Christy sell off the rest of the buildings and Real Estate, which belongs to the province and the people. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are spiteful, vindictive little children. They are going to make sure, the next party, will have nothing left to work with. That was vindictive little boy Campbell did...He destroyed our rivers and our BC hydro. So the BC people, questioned the sanity of Campbell. He came up lacking, right off his rocker.



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