Thursday, March 29, 2012

Premier Photo-Op's annus horribilis

While aging corporate media types like Bill Good and Les Leyne rally to protect the BC Liberals, Bob Mackin, a reporter with no family member seeking government employment, recaps Premier Photo-Op's monstrous month of March. Considering the first quarter, 2012 is destined to be Clark's own annus horribilis.

Forget the trial balloon suggesting she might depart for Ottawa to use her leftover supply of leadership voting PINs. Federal Grits don't need her to find the way to oblivion; Paul Martin's old operatives already provided the route. This woman is better suited for work as a Rocky Mountaineer tree pruner.

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  1. Tree pruner... that is great but just one small error in the story. She is actually "unelected" Premier Photo-Op. Keep up the great work.

  2. A tree pruner? That is an insult to bona fide tree pruners. I think snookie should take up a certain trade on Vancouver's East Side. I mean she is a political (well I will give you three guess, but the first 2 won't count) and changing trades would be as easy as turning tricks.

    How can we rid ourselves of this woman and her ill begotten retinue?

  3. I assume you were very, very careful typing the penultimate word in the title to your post....

  4. What? I like trees Norman, don't you suggest she butcher them as well.

  5. Hi Norm.
    You've identified the glaring conflict-of-interest that we face here in BC (as well as federally) - the incestuous nature of the media and the government.

    "Bob Mackin, a reporter with no family member seeking government employment"


    1. Ask Les Leyne, Sean Leslie, Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey if they have always been able to say the same thing.

  6. That penultimate word....

    I do not think it means to all of us what it means to you Norm.

    (or some such reverse Vizzini-type thing)


  7. Pruning requires a mixture of knowledge, skill and sensitivity. Purely in terms of temperament (and with sincere apologies to the many skilled professional butchers I've known over the years) I somehow see her better suited to the field of meat cutting.

    1. True. Premier Photo-Op is as fit to govern as the Rocky Mountainer tree cutter is to being an arborist.



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