Monday, March 26, 2012

No comment needed

The Rich Get Even Richer, Steve Rattner, New York Times, March 25, 2012

Steven Rattner is a contributing writer for Op-Ed and a longtime Wall Street executive.
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  1. How Long can this continue, before a major economic or political upheaval occurs? Surely someone, has to have some sort of answer?

  2. Breaking news ! The end is nigh for Crusty.

  3. As a senior. Last year I was shocked my house insurance was going up $100.00. I was told this was because of the HST. Two days ago, I was called and informed, my insurance is going up another $100.00. I was so angry. I was told, there are no price controls in BC. Price gouging is rampant in BC. Because the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals favor big business, they are permitted to charge as they please. There is no-one protecting the BC people. Christy refused to tax big business. Instead she raised the cost on everything, the BC citizens absolutely can't do without. This is the worst corruption, I have ever known, in all my many years.

    I have had to make the decision, to leave BC. My family are not happy about this. But, when you are retired, your income stays the same. My pension was good, when I retired. However, BC is the worst place to live. I don't know how young family's can make it.

  4. We pretty much agree with Anonymous 5.21 PM.
    We too are looking at moving out of British columbia after 28 years of living here and are also retirees.

    The BC Liberal government have pretty much decimated the standards for living in BC.

    Our feelings are no different to thousands of other BC residents who see their life savings rapidly diminish and disappear.

    A very sad time for all of British Columbia as not only government, but it appears the judicial system, the police (RCMP) so called ICBC, BC Hydro and others are corrupt and have no respect for the law or the people of this province.


  5. It's a sad state of affairs when my wife (who has a pretty good union job) comes home and declares she needs to get another part time job as she's feeling the "squeeze" when it comes to her finances.

    As for myself, I'm currently working a 32 hour week (my hours have been cut back due to budget issues), and I'm currently doing odd jobs on the side so I have a few dollars to enjoy my life every now and then.

    All the while the Liberals pillage for their wealthy friends and sell off every last profitable piece of this Province.

    BC: love the climate, love the scenery, despise the politics, dislike the government.



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