Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gary Mason tweets van Dongen

Globe and Mail columnist Gary Mason has never been a docile follower of the Liberal-friendly press gallery clique. He demonstrates independence this week in his column and especially in his twitter account:

From March 26:
  • Imagine CC will say JVD's decision not unexpected and stems from his unhappiness about not being in cab. Which is only partially true
  • Will be interesting to see how nasty it gets in wake of JVD move. What kind of stuff will Libs leak to suggest it's a good thing?
  • JVD's contempt for the premier was palpable. Given that, he should have left before now - for all concerned.
  • JVD isn't the only 1 in Lib caucus to hold those views. Question is: will the others who share that outlook bolt too? Takes guts
  • Am told there was a dustup in Lib caucus today when CC's c.o.s. Ken Boesenkool said plan was to try and discredit JVD for quiting.
  • Sounds like cab min Blair Lekstrom among Lib MLAs uncomfortable w strategy to attack van Dongen and told Boesenkool so.
  • Rich Coleman's statment that JVD had "personal issues" considered low by some Lib MLAs. Should have wished the guy well, mvd on

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  1. I think the only reason some were against the discrediting strategy is because there's a line up to get the hell out and join the cons.

  2. RUBBISH Masons nose is so far up campbell`s/bc liberals arse he can see bill good!



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