Monday, March 19, 2012

Canadians: too polite, too passive?

One more example of price gouging that faces Canadians every day.

Live in Point Roberts WA, pay Amazon $76.39.

Live two kilometres north in Tsawwassen BC, pay Amazon $149.99 for the same product.

96% higher in Canada.

You might also read Might makes right, describing illusory efforts of the Harper Government to address unfair retail pricing.

And, more about the fabulous price reductions that were to be realized by gifting BC businesses $2 billion a year. HST savings elusive for consumers

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  1. This has long been a thorn in our sides. While we understand some difference in price, due to duties, sales tax and the like, to charge us double the US price is simply gouging. No wonder people who are able shop south of the border. The cost of bringing items back honestly is far less.The gov't. does have to take real steps to address this issue.

  2. I do believe Harper was asked why, Canadians can save up to 50% and more by shopping in the U.S. Their gasoline is much cheaper as well. Harper has never given an answer, that I know of. Someone has to be paying big bucks, to keep prices high in Canada. It doesn't make a lick of sense otherwise.

    Christy was to look into gasoline prices, of course, she never did so.

  3. Very appropriate test subject for pricing. However the Omron BP 785 10 Series limits out on the upper scale whenever I think about BC Rail, BC Place, or BC Christy, so I'm looking for a more robust model. In Bellingham....



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