Friday, February 17, 2012

Pulses from the twitterverse

Lindsay Kines (Feb 9):
  • Glad to see the jury delivered its Vander Zalm verdict in court instead of on the Bill Good show.
  • Christy Clark appoints NW crime reporters to probe justice system and report back after the 1 o'clock weather.
  • Christy Clark opts for senior bureaucrat, instead of CKNW reporter, to assess likelihood of a teachers' settlement.
  • Could somebody please remind Christy Clark that she's premier of British Columbia, not a CKNW shill.
Gary Mason (Feb 13):
  • Thanks to livestreaming we can now see Bill Good now checking his ipad. What a new age radio host.
  • I can now announce that Prem Clark has agreed to reveal the budget in the Globe and Mail. We're thrilled.
  • It says something that some people thot I was serious about Prem Clark unveiling budget in the Globe. She never worked for us. Come on.
  • Boy, phone stackers aren't what they used to be. Where did the Libs find that guy who phoned in to @billgood980 show? He was awful.
  • I'm hearing that in a bid to shut him up, Prem Clark will name Alex Tsakumis her new press secretary.
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