Monday, February 13, 2012

No net-zero reality for IHA executives

In the blog article Failing healthcare managers still paid handsomely, I noted that average earnings of the top 10 people at the Fraser Health Authority rose almost $4,500 per month between 2008 and 2011, a cost increase of 21% to FHA.

Of course, in BC's healthcare system, bumps in the upper ranks are contagious. Even before examination of Interior Health Authority financials, I knew that treatment enjoyed by senior managers in the lower mainland would be similar in the region that spreads east from Princeton to the Alberta border and north to Williams Lake.

The IHA's top ten in 2008 averaged $231,000 in salaries and personal expenses. Three years later, average earnings of the top ten had grown to more than $281,000, an increase of 22%, remarkably similar to that at the Fraser Health Authority.

In reviewing salaries paid administrators, I noted a few individual situations that ordinary healthcare workers might consider unusual.

CEO Murray Ramsden retired voluntarily in 2009, He was not fired; he left with plaudits from his board and a pension worth about 10 times that of a typical hospital worker. Nevertheless, IHA provided an extra payment to him of about $200,000 on retirement. This wasn't a deferred payment scheme because, in the four years from 2005 to 2009, Ramsden's remuneration had grown by 32%, considerably more than the rate of increase enjoyed by most IHA workers.

Allan Sinclair saw his take grow by 50% from 2008 to 2011, Peggy Yakimov's rose 65%. Cathy Renkas, who handles public relations for IHA, received a 27% raise in 2009 and 27% again in 2010. In fiscal 2011, her remuneration was up more than 12%. (I'm told fiscal 2012 will show another large jump.)

Perhaps I should not complain about Renkas getting 80% more over three years because she's the one that has to explain why the region's healthcare workers must accept a net-zero reality.

If we are truly experiencing tough economic times — Kevin Falcon claims yes some days, no on other days — citizens must share the pain in equivalent style. Don't tell a floor cleaner that she gets almost nothing after the job she did for 25 years is contracted out while persons in the same industry wearing suits and ties receive retirement parties and six-figure severance cheques to accompany fabulous pensions, after only a few years.

Another note to consider when thinking about fair treatment for healthcare workers:
Since Merritt has one full time paramedic for 4 days a week, the busy and dangerous Coquihalla Highway is largely reliant on part-time ambulance personnel who might earn $2 per hour for at-home standby and $10 per hour for at-station. Murray Ramsden's retirement bonus was the equivalent of 12,500 paramedics sitting on standby for a day.
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  1. Disgusting doesn't even begin to describe this government and its lackies. Great photo of the IHA administrators at our wallets.

  2. I like the piggies at the trough.

    They remind me of, the corporations. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, obscene salary's and gold plated pensions. BC Ferry's outlandish salary's. And, the outrageous expense accounts of Harper and his Conservatives, and their platinum pensions.

    This is unsustainable government thieving, and the people can't keep up with the taxes that are stolen from us. Harper gives billions of our tax dollars, to the wealthiest corporations in the world....While Harper is busy slashing the services, which we pay through the nose for. Plus, the HST Harper and Campbell forced onto the BC people....And, still Harper can't make it. His coffers come first.

    The taxed to death BC people, have had utilities jacked up. Health care premiums, jacked up. Food costs up 30%. Gasoline out into orbit. The $60,000 per year salary hike Campbell thieved for himself, is double what thousands of BC people have to live on for two years.

  3. "Don't tell a floor cleaner that she gets almost nothing after the job she did for 25 years is contracted out while persons in the same industry wearing suits and ties receive retirement parties and six-figure severance cheques to accompany fabulous pensions, after only a few years."

    These creeps in suits (or pantsuits) likely make more than some doctors, with less education/preparation and without the stress of having to directly deal with ill and dying people directly. Indeed here in the IHA (which I wrote about at length in my comment a couple days ago) decisions by the creeps in suits have DIRECTLY been responsible for the deaths of local people - though I consider Capo Gordo personally guilty of those crimes against humanity of the Interior. The creeps in suits are just "good Nazis" deferentially "following orders" and seeking the bonuses available for cutting costs by with holding or eliminating services!

  4. Too bad this kind of information isn't printed in MSM where the majority of people who blame union workers for the major costs could read it.
    The comments I've put up with recently about how overpaid I am are getting more ignorant by the day. The one thing Christy Clark needn't fear is losing the love of the general public when it comes to hospital workers over the net-zero policy. I'd find it very amusing to watch them clean a 4 foot square puddle of black diarrhea that can be smelled literally a half-block away, without losing their lunch.Those that wouldn't dream of doing it, are the ones yelling the loudest about how I'm making way too much money for what I do. Some days I'd much rather just grab them by the shirt collar, drag them through the puddle to clean it up...and ask them how it feels. That's how a lot of cleaners in BC feel right now...if the wage drops...they'll be looking for a whole bunch of us. Hopefully the ones who feel our services aren't all that important will step up and do the job...but I sure wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

  5. The IHA's administration is horrible.
    Administration has been directly responsible for many physicians leaving the province and retiring early.
    I have seen IHA administrators yelling in the face of physicians and refusing them permission to practice merely because these dysfunctional administrators disagreed with them or the doctor went public with their concerns.
    The IHA is a secretive top heavy organization that is probably THE worst employer in Canada. I know. I worked for them since they were created and promptly closed half the beds in the area without saving the taxpayer one cent.



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