Monday, February 13, 2012

Mad about the girl

I discovered Adele in 2011, way behind most of the world. If you watched last night's Emmy Awards, you'll know her too. Sylvia Patterson, writing in The Observer in 2008, saw the light before most others. Patterson's profile seems perceptive, even three years later.
"Adele Adkins is a gobby, funny and extravagantly talented 19-year-old whose massive voice is going to make her the biggest singing star of 2008. And, no, she's not going to be the new Amy Winehouse..."
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  1. At least the girl ROCKS.Not like some of the crap on the A M stations these days.Have a good day Norm.

  2. Adele is OK. I am surprised that credit did not go where credit was greatly due. Did you catch the appearance and the song by Jennifer Hudson. If there ever was a voice that can compare to Whitney Houston, it is Jennifer Hudson. Adele can sing one style of song, Hudson can sing anything.
    But not a peep about this incredible singer. Amazing.



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