Monday, February 27, 2012

Implicit promises from Canada's leaders:

Robert Borosage wrote about Mitch Romney's objectives at Campaign for America's Future. The words were for Romney but, with a few changes, they are relevent to the few people who set Canada's public policy.

I believe that the rich have too little money.
And so, rich people deserve tax cuts, especially  those at the top.
I believe that Warren Buffett’s secretary should pay a higher tax rate than the wealthy
And so, rich people deserve low rates of taxes on wealth (capital gains, dividends, tax protected savings accounts, off shore earnings) while the country taxes middle income workers at much higher rates.
I believe that those blessed by being born to the wealthy few should inherit the earth
And so, eliminate estate taxes that only apply to the top 1% of families, insuring, if nothing else, that they won’t have to waste money on estate planning or be forced to move their money to offshore tax havens.
I believe that the world should be the oyster of corporations seeking tax havens
So would move to a “territorial” tax system, ending any taxation for profits earned abroad, giving corporations a staggering incentive to cook their books – or in CFO speak, do “transfer pricing” – to show profits abroad rather than here. Many companies are famed for aggressive use of tax havens.
I believe that Wall Street should be free to gamble with other people’s money, and you rubes are on your own
So forget about bank reform, consumer protection and other regulation that ensures competition.
I believe that the military has too little money
Military spending is now at record levels even though the Soviet Union is no more, Bin Laden is dead, and forces are down to chasing Internet pirates and bloggers. However, Lockeed Martin's financial needs are greater than ever so Canada should treat them generously by committing $25 billion or so for F35 fighter planes.
I believe that elderly workers have too much security and too much leisure
And so, while insuring that the heirs to the wealthy can remain idle, workers should labor for more years before they can retire.
I believe that our schools, water systems, roads, bridges, airports and transit systems, nutrition programs for children and community police get too much money and can do with much less.
And so, committed to balancing the budget while cutting taxes on the wealthy and shoveling money at needy corporations, we must embrace cuts in all domestic investment for over the next decade, insuring that core infrastructure will continue to decline, and pose an increasing threat to public health and to lives.
I believe children must play the hand that fate dealt them.
If they are the heirs to the rich, they live charmed lives. If they are born to the poor, they must rise above it. If born poor, that remains your lot in life. Accept it. Get over it. T.S.
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  1. Interesting article that may give a hint as to why we let politicians get away with what they do. From an article on Climate Change that also highlights who we believe as telling the truth. It makes sense that the corrupt politicians and their supporters own all the media.

  2. Does this scare the crap out of you? Harper's involvement?



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