Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The days grow short

From the brim to the dregs,
It poured sweet and clear,
It was a very good year.

It was a mess of good years.
(Ervin Drake)

Important contributions from independent journalists illustrate the diseased state of British Columbia's political environment. With her government polling under 30%, the powers behind Premier Photo-Op know their days grow short. That makes greedy people more dangerous.

Bob Mackin files a report that brings to mind BC's great train robbery. Are thieves in pin stripe suits about to uncouple more public enterprises and steal away in similar fogs of deception?

To me, involvement of Christy Clark mentor Patrick Kinsella in privatization of liquor distribution is prima facie evidence that taxpayers urgently need protection.

in What’s Paragon’s Lobbyist got to hide?, Ian Reid lays out another example that indicates the stink of political corruption involving BC Liberals and their closest friends.

In this case, the party that promised "The most open, accountable and democratic government in Canada" is fighting the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner to keep documents from many years ago secret because T. Richard Turner believes these might harm his private interests.

Do Liberals care about  public interests?  Apparently not so much.

* * * * *

Additional reading: Key Clark Backer Lobbied for Firm Seeking Public Liquor Assets by Andrew MacLeod at The Tyee

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  1. Remind me, Norm, how much longer we have to wait to turf these bastards out of office.

  2. And none of these things on cbc news

  3. No news organisation has done more to keep the BC Rail story quiet than "our" CBC!

    Ray Blessin

  4. I have lived long term in 3 of Canada's provinces (Alberta, Ontario and BC). As a young man I spent two years in Vancouver; and more recently as retiree, 10 years. And apropos of Norm's posting, I must say that out of the three provinces that I've spent much time in, BC has the strangest, weirdest, most corrupt provincial government that I've ever lived under.

    I can remember while living in Ottawa, the MSM (on the rare occasion that they cared), reported on the politics of BC (referred to as Lotusland), ridiculed and portrayed BC politics as a "wow, where do these people come from?" thing.

    We were being mocked, but with things the way they are at present in this province I am left to side with our mockers. WTF makes BC politics so different from any other provincial politics? I think it's the corruption. Please, someone prove me a liar.

  5. Most definitely the BC LIBERAL CORRUPTION.
    Lifelong civil servants are being threatend with with their jobs if anything is said that does not come from the PAB.


  6. many of your links in this story do not work.

    1. Many? I corrected one non-working link to Bob Mackin's article

  7. Clark mentor _Patrick Kinsella_ in privatization
    this is link back to the same page???

    1. Not really. Scroll down for other Northern Insights about Kinsella.



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