Sunday, February 5, 2012

Comparing football and baseball

In an event that proceeds so slowly, it may not end until next week, America celebrates couch potatoes and gladiators. It is a good time to remember George Carlin:

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  1. Just for fun last night, I got a stop watch and started it running whenever the ball was moving and stopping it when an individual play was over. The game took 3.5 hours to complete. Madonna's half time show was at least 15 minutes long.

    The ball was "in play" for 14 minutes and 22 seconds!!!!!!!

    210 minutes of so called Super Bowl and only 6% of that entire time was anything really going on in the game!!

    Amazing!! What is even more amazing is that I have only missed one Super Bowl in the past 46 years!!

  2. Surprised it was in play that much although, with every down replayed multiple times, I guess we got at least an hour of movement.



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