Friday, February 17, 2012

Canada too!

Will American Anti-Labor Policies Infect Europe?, Dave Johnson, Campaign for America's Future
The threat is in the air: "Shut up and take the wage cuts or we will move your job to China."

"...Workers in countries like China where people have no say have low wages, terrible working conditions, long hours, and are told to shut up and take it or they won't have any job at all. They are given no choice.

"Increasingly workers here have their wages, hours, benefits, dignity cut and are told to shut up and take it or their jobs will be moved to China. Because we are pitted against exploited workers in countries where people have no say, we have no choice.

"The unions are weakened, the government doesn't enforce or weakly enforces labor laws and regulations, age, gender or race discrimination laws, worker safety laws, so workers are placed in a terrible squeeze. Workers who try to organize unions are isolated, moved, smeared, fired, humiliated, whatever it takes..."
Michigan's Hostile Takeover, Paul Abowd, Center for Public Integrity, Mother Jones, February 15:
"A new "emergency" law backed by right-wing think tanks is turning Michigan cities over to powerful managers who can sell off city hall, break union contracts, privatize services—and even fire elected officials."
GM posts its highest profit ever: $7.6 billion, By Tom Krisher, AP Auto Writer | Associated Press
"Just two years after it was rescued and reconstituted through bankruptcy and a government bailout, General Motors Co. cruised through 2011 to post the biggest profit in its history..."
Do record profits present an emergency?

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  1. "Do record profits present an emergency?"

    They do if you have too-friendly auditors and your name is Nortel.

  2. They may as well, send jobs to China. The government has no price controls, and price gouging is blatant. We can't afford the cost of living, we are forced into now. Taking a cut in wages, puts thousand of more people to live on the streets. You can't hold a job living on the streets anyway. By all means, send the jobs to China. China is bringing their own people to work here, they have taken our jobs. They own all the resources, mines, oil, and forestry.

    Seems, Fadden of CSIS called it right. China has encroached deeply into Canada, they own everything. The Chinese send their crap goods to us, and we pay inflated prices. I try very hard not to support China's child labor. Poor little children, that only earn pennies a day.

    Good work Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. You get to keep, your outrageous salary's and gold plated pensions.


    Read all about the new way to do labour, invented by IBM



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