Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Waiting

Accountable to no one, part 1, from February 20, 2011 

Before today, I sent out a few messages asking questions related to alleged journalists being paid to attend events sponsored by those associated with groups the journalist, or their colleagues, may cover.

For example, on February 17, I sent this to Gillian Shaw, columnist with the Vancouver Sun:
"At the blog Northern Insights, I have written about real and potential conflicts affecting journalists if they contract with industries that might be covered by their publication. I note that you have had appearances scheduled by the Independent Power Producers Association of BC. Certainly you are not alone among your colleagues but does this trouble you at all?

"This is a general allegation I raised here:

" 'Additionally, and perhaps most insidious, the independence of media personalities is compromised by inducements and incentives paid by industries that desire favorable coverage.' "
Gillian Shaw did not bother to reply.

Accountable to no one, part 2, from February, 2011
This is a question I directed in the last week to P. Kariya, Executive Director of the Independent Power Producers Association of BC, AKA Clean Energy BC.
"Does your organization have a policy that allows or prohibits payment of fees, honoraria or expenses to journalists who work for broadcasters or publishers but do consulting or make appearances at events of the IPPBC? If yes, do you see that as a potential conflict of interest?"
Strangely, the group prefers not to answer such questions.

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  1. Don't be surprised you didn't get an answer. I don't know anyone, that gets answers from, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. I know people who have e-mailed Harper, Flaherty and Oliver. Not one of them were answered.

    The media are merely propaganda machine for Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Their brains have been washed so often, they are brain dead and useless.

    Looking for honesty, fairness and truth in this country, is an exercise in futility. Too bad for us, the BC media bleat like little lost lambs. They only are permitted to follow the evil wolf.

  2. Quit banging your head against the wall, BC's media is largely on the take. They have sold their souls to the highest bidder.

    In BC, there is no truth in the news, there is no honesty, the news is dead, vacant, ceased to exist.



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