Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Proud to be "Enemy of the Government of Canada"

"Tides Canada CEO, Ross McMillan,was informed by the Prime Minister’s Office, that ForestEthics is considered an “Enemy of the Government of Canada,” and an “Enemy of the people of Canada.”

"This language was apparently part of a threat by the Prime Minister’s Office to challenge the charitable status of Tides Canada if it did not agree to stop funding ForestEthics,specifically its work opposing oilsands expansion and construction of oilsands tanker/pipeline routes in Canada."

Whistleblower's Open Letter to Canadians
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  1. If true, Harper's comments are reminisent of the attitudes exptressed towards Japanese-Canadians in 1942.

  2. Thanks for this Norm!
    We get a glimpse of what we can expect from the Harper government in the way of democracy in this and future issues it may have on it's adgenda. Welcome to the dark ages!

  3. And here I thought that Harper was an enemy of the state. This guy reminds me of Vidkun Quisling, you know the guy that helped the Nazi's to take over his country. For today, just replace Nazi with American.

  4. Wow! It wasn't long ago that I was proud to be a Canadian.

  5. another huge step into a fascist state and selling out Canada to corporate interests . . . that was very brave of Andrew Frank.

  6. Welcome to our new petro fascist state were the Rule of Law, property rights, the environment, decency and and common sense have no value.

  7. From all that I've read about Governments and Big Oil it appears to me the Gov of Canada along with the Provinces of NB , NS and Alberta are the enemy of the Citizens of Canada . They are also the enemy of Clean Water .

  8. Fascists, or Soviet Communists? "The Enemy of The People" seems to be more of a Comrade Apparatchik thing. The CPC doesn't even need to change their party logo!

  9. Well, isn't Harper a Reformer? He founded the Northern Foundation Party. I read, the skinheads assisted Harper to organize, his very shady party. This was in 1989.

    Didn't Harper's favorite henchman, do the same? Anyone who opposed Campbell lost their jobs. This is a very typical behavior of fascist dictators, or any dictator. We have seen it and heard it for over 6o years now. Now we have Harper's other favorite henchman, Boessenkool to lobby for Enbridge again, and to take over for Christy. I don't believe for one minute, Christy wanted Boessenkool. I don't think she had a choice.

    You damn right, Harper is governing this country, as his Northern Foundation government, was set up to be. Harper and his Conservatives, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals have no ethics or morals, what-so-ever.

    I saw this a long time ago, but, you are considered a radical if you say it. Some people even got censored for saying so.

  10. I live in Quebec and I don't like the way Harper is thinking ang governing...I worried about all Canada...Harper is a terrorist the way he is destroying environnement
    with his policy of gaz...he is destroying our country to give gaz to other countries
    The destruction of environnement is destruction of our health and life quality and the future...
    There's so much thing to do to make money not only gaz industry...When Harper will realize that?



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