Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"The drugs Canada is peddling"

Dr. David Schindler, University of Alberta
"Every year that you can get away with lack of regulation, is a few billion more bucks in your pocket. After 40 years, I'm pretty sick of seeing this tactic fool people time after time. Maybe we all did just fall off a turnip truck." (4:52 to 5:06)

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  1. The Harper Government uses the same techniques to support the tar sands as they do to support open net fish farming in British Columbia. They ensure ignorance through inadequate or dishonest scientific monitoring. They punish those that speak out with words contrary to the official position. The people who relied on the land and water for generations are ignored. The scale of ultimate disaster in Alberta is even higher and northern residents are paying with their lives.

    Thank you for presenting these videos and the powerful messages they present. Quite a change from the rah rah reporting of Canadian media.

  2. And what are our elected governments doing to improve the situation and protect the people from the poison?

    Not a goddamn thing!

  3. All Canadian politician think the electorate fell off a turnip truck and the way the Canadian electorate votes, maybe they are right!

  4. When I read your headline, I thought you were talking about this story...


  5. We have to look no further than our provincial government with their adgendas, enbridge pipeline, the implementation and enforcement of smart meters on the public to realize any guise of caring for the people and their future health and wellbeing is a sad joke at best.
    The sooner we wake up to this reality the better. If they are willing to kill people in Alberta rest assured they are more than willing to do so here.

  6. Harper's rabid greed for power and money, for his own selfish goals, is sick. If he pollutes the entire planet to achieve his asinine goals, so be it.

    Harper had the gall to bully country's into accepting the dirty tar oil...In Durban, at a meeting of the Nations for global warming, of all places and times. He pulls Canada out of the Kyoto Accord, because Harper is peddling the dirty tar oil. He embarrassed Canada in Copenhagen.

    Harper is so fanatic, other country's are starting to shun him. They are fed up with Harper's bullying and his hissy fits. Harper has become a, p.i.t.a. He co-operates with no-one. He even lost Canada's seat in the U.N.

    It goes without saying. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are working for Harper. They have managed to make things even worse in BC. As well as the burden of the HST. Now our hydro is going up, our heat, our health care, and ICBC insurance is being raised. Mind you, Campbell did thieve $778 million from ICBC. So as usual, the BC citizens are again suffering, the corruption and thefts of, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, as well as, Harpers slashes.



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