Monday, January 30, 2012

Downstream, from Babelgum

The first original production by and for Babelgum, Downstream focuses on the controversy surrounding the development of Alberta's oil sands. This beautifully photographed documentary is an eye-opening investigation into one of the world's most polluting oil operations. It includes interviews with ecologists, Canadian politicians, local residents and a very dedicated doctor, discussing the environmental, economic and health issues surrounding the oil sands development.

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  1. This is a crime against humanity. Harper should be forced to resign. Just as the F.N. in Northern Ontario destitution is, a crime against humanity. Harper has a lot to answer for. What kind of a monster is Harper anyway?

    There is no way, we can allow Harper to force that filthy crud into BC. Enbridge, Alberta and Harper can go to hell. Enbridge and their 804 pipeline spills? No damned way, do they set one foot in BC. Those poor F.N. People dying of cancer. Their food supply all poisoned, that s.o.b. Harper could care less, his ugly greed comes first, and to hell with the people.



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