Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bob Mackin poses a good question

B.C. Place's field of fire, 2010 Gold Rush, NEWS AND VIEWS ON VANCOUVER 2010 (AND BEYOND) FROM BOB MACKIN.
"What is the final cost of the stadium for taxpayers? How much is it over the $563 million figure that PavCo has mysteriously stopped quoting?

Will it require the auditor general to investigate? "
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  1. Bob Mackin is a well informed journalist with a record of independent thought. I suspect he knows more than suggested by the article and we'll learn about it in due course.

  2. It's not even a billion dolars, so for BC Liberal mega projects it's petty change...

  3. I suspect it will turn out to be at least a Gagoolalillion dollars.

    With interest and chips, all in.

    After all, how else will they justify the jacking of even more land for the soon-to-be-proposed condo-casino calosso-industrial complex?

    (with a helipad on every roof!)

    Or some such thing.




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