Sunday, January 1, 2012

Before the diet begins tomorrow

As the last post indicated, it was a quiet New Year's Eve at our house. Today is a bit different though as the family group arrives for what is becoming our holiday tradition: a meal without turkey.

Dinner tonight is the ultimate anti-vegetarian meal. The centrepiece is a 14 pound rib roast, dry aged by the North Shore's master butcher, Senor Cortez from Sebastian & Co. Fine Meats in West Vancouver.

Second son, a food expert, perfected Yorkshire Pudding - a simple dish harder than it seems - and I'm doing an accompanying 'jus' concentrated from dark beef stock that I spent two days preparing. This afternoon, I'm making fresh horseradish, plain and creamed, and another side sauce of Stilton and cream. Roast and mashed potatoes as well as various fresh veggies.

The boss made a wild blackberry pie and a copy of Chef Michael Noble's Stilton Cheesecake, made with Long Clawson Stilton from Les Amis du Fromage, Vancouver's best cheese merchants. Someone slipped a bottle of  20 year old Taylor Fladgate port under the Christmas tree. We might try that too.

As much as the adults appreciate the table, grandson Odin will ask for plain yogurt.
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  1. We had one of those best-ever Christmases too ... no presents but daily celebrations of good food, and beloved faces around the dinnertable.

    The plainest food, exquisitely prepared, becomes a group fascination.

    Thanks for sharing your celebrations, Norm, and Happy New Year to your whole family.

  2. What a wonderful dinner. I got hungry just reading about it. And, as all little ones, they more or less wear their dinners. Even I wore some of my little granddaughters dinner. I wouldn't have it any other way. These times are my treasure.

  3. Jeepers Norm, you're making me hungry and JEALOUS!

  4. Great photos of your grandson, Norm. One of the great compensations for accumulating more birthdays than most.

    I have eaten the Long Clawson, but don't be afraid of Cropwell Bishop Stilton if it is available in your area.



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