Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh, not to be in England

British Columbia pays senior public servants among the highest salaries in the world. For comparison the British pound (£) is worth $1.60 CAN as of December 12, 2011.

Britain's Top Earning Civil Servants
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  1. Norm, you blew it.

    Your first sentence should have been the story headline:

    "BC pays senior civil servants among the highest salaries in the world"

    It needs to sink into people's heads that we've been duped.

    I have often wondered why no one has ever drawn attention to the fact of the outrageous salaries. Neither the mainstream news media, or anyone really. Occasionally there would be bleats about one or two cases, but no one ever stood back and observed the big picture. Until you. Thank you so much.

    British Columbians have been played for suckers every time with this government line: "We have to pay these salaries otherwise we won't attract top talent."

    How is it again, that BC has to pay among the highest salaries in the world when Britain somehow manages to get by with salaries in the normal stratosphere?

    What fools we British Columbians have been...

  2. Hey, I thought the title was a clever twist on a famous poem by Robert Browning.

    Thank you though for being the first to comment on the important point this table was intended to reveal.

    Here's another example that will work its way into a coming post:
    Rick Rosenthal was hired as Portland's cop watchdog in 2002 for $67,000. When he left in 2005, he earned $89,000. He then took a similar position in Denver at $109,000.

    He starts in BC at $210,000 plus, based on the policy accepted at ICBC, perhaps a quarter million or so in moving costs.

  3. If the amount that we pay our "senior" civil servants is to be certain we're "getting the best"...we're in far more trouble than we know! Pathetic.



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