Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not everyone shocked by Cohen disclosures

From my November 25 piece titled To be different, we must do things differently:
"Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, along with Chief Bob Chamberlin and Chief Marilyn Baptiste, executive members of the BC Union of Indian Chiefs, attended the Nov. 24 celebration honouring Rafe Mair. It was a treat to hear each talk and share a sense of common purpose with the hundreds present, people that ranged from BC Conservative Leader John Cummins to retired NDP Minister Corky Evans."
That night, Chief Bob Chamberlin, elected Chief Councilor of the Kwicksutaineuk Ah-kwa-mish First Nation, promised we were in for surprises when the Cohen Commission resumed. Indeed, the surprises are shocking. No wonder the federal government tried to stop the Cohen Commission from reopening.

Super Heroes 4 Salmon offers a series of unrestrained opinions, including this:
"Watching events unfold at the Cohen Commission this week induced tears in some (Canadian Government officials caught lying); shock horror in others (salmon farmers who realized that the jig was up); shock and awe in others (campaigners who realized ‘the moment of truth’ had really arrived) and sheer anger in the shamefully small number of people who were permitted by the Canadian Government to witness the big lie being unraveled. As the truth finally dawned on Justice Cohen and the mainstream media, the careers of a crooked crew of Canadian Government officials leapt like a disease-ridden farmed salmon onto life support."
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  1. Great job Norman!

    If this article goes viral, (I've already sent it to everyone I know and asked them to do the same), not only will we have blown the Foreign Fish Farms out of the water, but the provincial and federal governments will get that sinking feeling as well.

    P.S.: Just to rub a little salt in the wounds, I passed the article along to Mrs. Shea and Mr. McRae.



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