Friday, December 2, 2011

Sharing urban roads

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  1. That red-light camera will get him....

  2. Too close for comfort, and too scary for me.

    Some years back, I lived in Trail, BC. Late at night, I was watching TV. There was a loud roaring, and the windows shook and rattled. I then realized it was a heavy plane. I thought the pilot must be in trouble, there were no airports around there to land a big plane. I thought it was landing on my roof, it was that loud. I ran outside, I was horrified the plane was going right at the river, and the hills at the other side of the river. The trees were in the way to see everything. I did see after- burners come on, to get over the hills, so I knew it was a military plane. No-one but no-one would admit they had any fighter jets out that night. The MLA wanted to know, what a military jet was doing in our airspace. He never did get an explanation.

    However, rumor has it, the jet came across the American border and was chasing green and yellow lights. Some people said, it was a U.F.O. I was so mad I didn't see the green and yellow lights, because of the trees. Strange, the military jet belonged to no-one.

  3. Nov. 12, 2011, marked the 10th anniversary of the crash of American Airlines Flight 587 near Kennedy Airport. The Airbus A300 went down moments after takeoff from JFK airport. The crash was the last multiple-fatality disaster involving a major North American airline.

    Mainstream carriers of the industrialized world have developed a remarkable record of safety. As pilots like to say, "Drive carefully to and from the airport because those are the most dangerous part of a journey."



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