Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Men Who Pray At Goats?

Government Spends $1.4 Billion On Such Questions As Whether Remote Prayer Can Heal AIDS, Jonathan Turley,
"The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the federal government has spent almost a billion and a half dollars to explore politically popular but scientifically dubious claims such as $666,000 to determine if distant prayer could heal AIDS. It didn’t. I would be interested in how this was tested. I cannot get the image of Lyn Cassady praying at a goat in a secret military lab.

"We have followed tragic cases where prayer was advocated as a better avenue than medication for AIDS and other ailments. However, that did not stop the funding of research into the question by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), part of the National Institutes of Health. NCCAM also spent $374,000 to determine whether inhaling lemon and lavender scents can heal wounds. It couldn’t..."

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  1. Liberals who Pray at CTV....

    The Bc Liberals enjoy wasting money as well. I usually NEVER watch CTV, but last night I caught a few moments of this so called "Canadian" network only to be further disgusted by a Liberal government ad talking about "The BC Job Plan". First of all there is NO job plan by the Liberal government and this is simply another Liberal promotional ad paid for by the taxpayer. Can you imagine how many individuals could be helped with the money the Liberals are wasting on this crap. The Liberals must be stopped and the sooner the better.

    Guy in Victoria

  2. Of course, those jobs ads are getting wide play on radio too. This is an example of the quid pro quo for treating the Liberal government kindly.

    Legal blogger Jonathan Turley's article demonstrates, and Guy in Victoria reinforces, the tendency of public officials to spend money with little regard for value. When I was active in business, I remember well the splurge of activities when government departments and public agencies such as CBC, hurried to empty every budget allocation before the March 31 year end. Didn't much matter how it was spent as long as it got spent. It was difficult to ask for more if you didn't spend every last cent the preceding year.

    I think the Auditor General should hire a platoon of single moms who could evaluate every expenditure to ensure it was necessary and gained value.



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