Monday, December 14, 2015

Adele - for those who don't know already

From December 2011, when I first noticed the British star: 

I may be late but 2011 was the year I discovered brilliant young English singer-songwriter Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. calls her The one musician we all agree on.

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  1. Thanks a million Norm! Thanks to you She Who Must Obeyed and I discovered Adele 5 minutes ago.
    What an absolutely incredible woman!
    I was counting the glasses in the Video but lost count. Anyone know how many there were?
    Wishing you a HEALTHY 2012 Norm, and the rest will follow!

    Gary L.

  2. Thanks Gary for being a loyal and engaged reader. And, I thought SWMBO lived at my house! There's more than one?

  3. BTW, after a little listening on youtube, I now have Adele 21 and Adele 19

    Adele's website.

  4. Hey Norm.
    I've been listening to Adele for a few months now and just love "Set Fire to the Rain".
    Have a Happy New Year Norm.

    Guy in Victoria

  5. She is just incredible Norm! I always thought Feist did someone like you. Their voices are so similar. Anyway Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. Thanks for these gems, Norm. And Happy New Year to you and yours!

  7. Adele inspires... and releases. See this video of a Korean Adele in a pop star idol contest.. amazing voice.!

  8. Hi Norm, you probably know about this, but just in case you don't... the DVD "Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall".

    It's the only DVD I will want to own. Watched it last night. Incredible. Such talent, but also she's such a real deal, and it's clear that people see that. Don't miss this concert DVD.

  9. A comment in Salon: "Adele bucked every current trend in the music industry."

    That is one thing about her that I like. I too hadn't noticed until you linked to her videos back in 2011.

  10. Hoping the producers of our time take notice that talent transcends divas and always will. We need this, actually since the death of John Lennon.
    Very comforting!

  11. For those who can't afford the DVD (buy the book/borrow from the library), may I recommend,
    Seasonal greetings and thanks Norm for all you do.

  12. Saw the special on t.v. this evening, from New York. Simply amazing. I heard her when she first came onto the market in North American and she certainly had a good set of pipes.

    The special they did from England, last month, wasn't as good, mainly because it was an interview with singing. The American concert was just amazing and showed her more the star she is than the British program.

  13. Thank you Norm, for ending the year on a high note. Adele is a true master of the craft.

    There is an interpretive dancer in the family who has performed to various Adele pieces and the combination brings shivers...

    Thank you for doing the heavy lifting, day in and day out.
    Thank you for the numbers.
    Thank you for the In Sights.

    Merry Christmas to you, SWMBO, the dedicated teachers you reared and the grandchildren.

    Happy 2016 and beyond Norm.


    1. I say thank you to all the readers and contributors here. It is the response to my work that makes it worthwhile. That and the hope that we can create a better society for all through dialogue and knowledge.

  14. So nice to see some talent. I won't go beyond that after seeing clips of others at the AMAs. Good luck in getting ducats for her tour. I'm going through hell trying to get some to see the Boss in TO. What a ripoff by the resellers. Only live once is my justification.

  15. Rick Rubin magick.

    p.s. RIP Dave Mcgowan

    1. "Adele's success, Rubin says, has far exceeded what he and his fellow executives at Columbia Records, where he has been co-chairman since 2007, ever expected."

      Rick Rubin Talks Adele and His 'Creative' Role as Co-Chairman of Columbia Records

  16. Recommend the new Album. Wishing Everyone Merry Christmas and a Great 2016. Thank you Norm for all you do for this province of BC and her people. God Bless You All.



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