Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where the morally obtuse can hide

H/T to CathiefromCanada, a great read: The Brutal Truth About Penn State, Charles P. Pierce, Grantland, November 14, 2011
"There is always something a little nauseating in large spectacles of conspicuous public piety, but watching everyone on the field take a knee before the Penn State-Nebraska game, and listening to the commentary about how devoutly everybody was praying for the victims at Penn State, was enough to get me reaching for a bucket and a Bible all at once. It was as though the players and coaches had devised some sort of new training regimen to get past the awful reality of what had happened. Prayer as a new form of two-a-days. Jesus is my strength coach. Contrition in the context of a football game seemed almost obscene in its obvious vanity...

"There is solace in Scripture, but there are also too many places where the guilty and the morally obtuse can hide...

"It is not a failure of our institutions so much as it is a window into what they have become — soulless, profit-driven monsters, Darwinian predators with precious little humanity left in them. Penn State is only the most recent example. Too much of this country is too big to fail.
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