Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Stadium skeptics proved wrong

News Item:
"Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters will be building an even bigger Wall at BC Place on May 26 next year.

"In an announcement made Tuesday morning, BC Place and concert promoter Live Nation revealed Waters’ groundbreaking show, based on Pink Floyd’s 1979 double album, will be the first major musical event to take place in the recently renovated and re-roofed stadium."
Good thing we spent $563-million to rebuild the stadium. Without a new roof on BC Place, this almost 70-year old rock star might not have been willing to wheel his show into our town, again. Vancouverites would have had to travel to one of 50 other cities hosting the same show, or maybe cross the street to the Rogers Centre where the wall was last erected in Vancouver.

This just proves all the skeptics wrong about spending big dollars to polish the Telus Park PhoneZone featuring Bell Pitch at BC Place. At the rate of a rock show every six or seven months, along with about 20 sports events each year, that new stadium will be paid off in no time at all. Much better than, say, a mass transit line down Broadway.
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