Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snoozing, slothful syndicate of political poodles...

At the Rafe Mair birthday celebration last week, we got to hear Rafe tell an anecdote about writing for Ryerson School of Journalism a piece that celebrated free speech, one Ryerson refused to publish. I suspect Rafe got more than a few requests to write the story for the website that he and Damien Gillis maintain.

By the way, while you are at The Common Sense Canadian, leave a donation to keep the website active. We cannot afford to lose another pillar of the alternative media.

If you despise what corporate media has become and hunger for what it could be, you'll enjoy Rafe's article:

Free Speech, Censorship, and Why Ryerson's Journalism Program Can Go F#@k Itself

After reading Rafe, consider Bill Good's often repeated claim that in 50 years of journalism, no owner or manager ever told him what to say or not to say. Mr. Good may not admit it, but he understands Rafe's words perfectly. The words?
"Either self-censor or be censored."
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