Monday, November 14, 2011

Retired cop blogs

Fred Pinnock retired from the RCMP in 2008 and today, with Scot Filer, another former cop, is managing partner in Lions Gate Investigations Group. Pinnock, former commander of BC's illegal gaming enforcement team, is known for candid comments about policing matters. I've read his entries at LGI's blog and I am impressed. The blog been inactive for months but there is some good stuff to read there.

Sean Holman's Public Eye Archives provide information about Pinnock's time with the gaming enforcement unit before it was disbanded by Gordon Campbell's government. The Liberals had two reasons. Since 2001, the public treasury had grown more dependent on gaming revenues and active police enforcement interferes with business. Additionally, supporters and associates of Campbell were widening their involvement in casino gambling and intensive oversight was the last thing wanted. Pinnock blamed both RCMP management and the province for lax enforcement of the law.

More from Public Eye:
"But a failure to aggressively target the criminal element involved in the gambling business will have far reaching consequences down the road. Police agencies must find the resources to address this issue."

As for illegal gaming, Mr. Pinnock said, during his two-and-a-half years as the enforcement team's commander, he had the impression government was more concerned about "the appearance of doing something" rather than "meaningful results."

"It seemed the way to remain in favour with government was simply to maintain a statistical, check-the-box-type, radar gun-level of enforcement and not meaningful targeting that would disrupt significant criminal activity," he explained.

In fact, seven months after Mr. Pinnock's retirement, the team - which received its funding via a BC Lotteries sponsorship agreement - was quietly shutdown, its April 1, 2009 closure marked by nothing more than a footnote in the Crown corporation's financial statements.
The LGI blog touches a number of subjects and one on Quebec corruption warns of a strengthening alliance between the West Coast Hell’s Angels and the Quebec based Mafia.

Oh yeah, Pinnock also comments on the “Smiling Judge” Peter Leask. That's what took me to the LGI website.
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