Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Outrageous rhetoric from Clark Government

Hyperbole is an intentional and often outrageous overstatement, or exaggeration. This clips provides an example from lawyer Craig Jones, acting for the BC government.

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  1. I would suggest to Mr. Jones his statement may apply or be more in context if he was talking about the liberals stance on the implementation of smart meters on the citizens of this province! Or perhaps even moreso to the treatment of the mentaly challanged in this province by this current government!
    Unlike peacefull protesters who lack power of any sort this current government deams itself far more in tune with what Mr. Hitler and his nazi regime stood for. Another lawyer without the capability to think before he speaks, shamefull!

  2. I'm with Don F., if you use the Nazi reference in relation to the LIEberals themselves, voila, it ain't hyperbole anymore........

    Christy don't get it, AGT don't get it, Mayor Bloomberg don't get it, but that might be because THEY are the problem....and maybe they won't get it until the modern day equivalent of the moment of head removals comes around on the guitar. But if the 1% would listen and realize the inequity and how unsustainable it is (like that member of the aristocracy FDR did) it doesn't have to come to that, but unless something changes IT WILL COME TO THAT!

    Eventually the poor will realize they would rather eat the rich than eat their crap!



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