Monday, November 7, 2011

Old line parties share corrupt styles

Silence reigns over Port of Montreal hiring controversy, Politicians prefer to keep things quiet, BY STEPHEN MAHER, POSTMEDIA NEWS, October 29, 2011
"...In the Mafia, if you break that code and rat out your brothers, the penalty is death.

In politics, nobody puts a shotgun to the back of your head if you speak to the police, but a similar code prevails among the law-abiding officials who serve in our highest office.

Like the Mafia, political parties have codes of silence designed to protect the team, and there are times when they will not spill the beans.

Consider the case of Robert Abdallah..."
This story suggests Quebec and British Columbia, along with Ottawa and Victoria, have things in common in the ways they conduct business. Continue reading the Ottawa Citizen
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  1. Is it just me or are politics getting more and more corrupt?

  2. I don't think much has changed in principle. The amounts are certainly different though. When an old Socred highways minister was leaking road siting information to family, the rewards were not particularly huge on any one deal. They did form the basis of a fortune for the family though. That was decades ago.



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