Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Liberal MLA's search for the BC Rail story

Premier Photo-Op assigned her minions to look for clues in the BC Rail case.


Don't miss Bill Tieleman at The Tyee, Railgate? Asked and Answered, Says Clark

A great reader comment at the Tieleman article linked above, from 'metacomet'
By Audit or, If Necessary, Archaeology

The BC Liberals have spent a huge amount of capital, real and political, on BC Rail. The political capital alone has about broken the bank for the government: the original campaign promise not to sell the public-owned railway, cooking the books to make BCR look like it was losing money when it wasn't, breaking the promise not to sell BCR, corrupting the bid process, getting caught and hauled into court, perverting the course of justice by disclosure non-cooperation and by paying two BC Liberals to take the blame and keep quiet (with public money), and continuing to refuse calling a public inquiry. The cost: an irredeemably disgraced government, a Premier ignominiously forced to resign, a culpable caucus hostile to the complicit replacement, at a time when other BC Liberal transgressions are coming home to roost, facing a revitalized Opposition, a new, alternative right-wing party and an angry electorate going into an election they're doomed to lose.

Is this the good money Christy doesn't want to throw after bad?
About the only benefit they've ended up with is the licence to continue lying.

The tide-mark day will come in seventeen and a half months. If the BC Liberals lose the next election (which is likely) and the NDP calls a public inquiry into the BC Rail scandal (again likely), it will set off a chain of events that might see certain BC Liberals facing prosecution, and maybe the retroactive scuttling of the corrupt deal that would see BCR returned to public ownership.

Doubtless this will put another capital dent into the public weal; but it will completely bankrupt the BC Liberal party.

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  1. The cost of justice, is outweighed by the "truth" that is revealed. Our democratic institutions, if they are to be preserved, must be upheld and defended, even against those, that wish by subterfuge, to deny the truths of their manipulation, for their own ends.

    If the alledged are convicted, then jail time must be demanded, as it is the "public trust" that has been assaulted, and "our" democratic institution brought into disrepute.



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