Thursday, October 27, 2011

The smoking gun is visible

If the linked article had been written by almost any other journalist in the province, one might wonder if it involved exaggerated criticism of a disrespected government. But, since the author is Paul Willcocks, one BC's most astute and ethical newspaper writers, the piece is a certain revelation of corrupt politics. The smoking gun is present:
"The provincial government's $30million payout to Boss Power Corp. stinks.

"Taxpayers are paying compensation to the company because the government bungled its ban on uranium mining.

"The last-minute settlement suggests the government paid a premium so damaging evidence wouldn't be heard in court...

"...deputy minister Greg Reimer, and assistant deputy minister John Cavanagh ordered [chief inspector of mines Doug] Sweeney to ignore the application. They had asked the Attorney General's Ministry for an opinion on whether it was legal.

"It wasn't, they were told, according to the government's admissions in the legal case.

"Then they repeated the order that Sweeney not fulfill his statutory duty. Sweeney had legal and ethical concerns. He was relieved of his responsibilities for the file, and the marching orders went to more compliant officials.
Read the full article at Cover-up feared as taxpayers pay $30M to mining company

By the way, Boss Power Corp is also entitled to recover legal costs and disbursements. The final bill will be millions higher than the settlement revealed.
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  1. I think we need to publish more information, background and business dealings of not our elected Ministers.....but the Deputies and Assistant Deputies.....many of them hang around between different governments and I personally believe they have a lot more influence than the general public perceives....I am thinking sometimes "little man/woman syndrome" accounts for overly arrogant/selfish behaviour and if a corporation makes them feel more important than they are, they jump on it.....I stress this may only happen sometimes....but even one "sometime" can result in irreversible destructive public policy.



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