Monday, October 3, 2011

"He didn't know when staff training began"

Lots of fingers pointing in BC Place service debacle, CKWX News, October 2, 2011
The accusations are flying over Friday night's debacle at BC Place...

Fans complained of long line-ups, overflowing toilets, not enough staff members, and food and beverage shortages.

Shelley Comer is a returning concession stand employee who quit in the middle of her shift Friday night because she says everything that could have gone wrong, did.

...She says training was "scant and insufficient," staff were never told what their pay would be, and they weren't given their schedules until the day of the reopening.

[PavCo CEO David Podmore] confirms about 160 staff members didn't show up to work for a contractor called Centerplate Catering, which provides the stadium's food services.

...But Comer says it's unfair for Podmore to blame workers, after General Manager Howard Crosley admitted many staff members weren't properly trained and some of the food wasn't delivered on time.

"I really resent the fact that David Podmore is blaming staff for not showing up for the gong show that it was," Comer says.

Centerplate spokesman Adrian Dishington also concedes training was a major issue. ...He didn't know when staff training began.
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  1. David Podmore has the same smarmy smirk as Mitch McConnell. They appear to be two peas in the privileged pod who promote public funding for the elite few, but have no care for the average taxpayer.

    Podmore pushed the publicly funded Convention Centre before it was finally approved. The first two times it was rejected for being too costly. The third time he knowingly low-balled the costs, got it approved deceitfully, and then subsequently had budget increased twice. The final cost was three times his original approved budget.



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