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Double standards, professional courtesies

Drinking led to officer's merit badge being stripped, CBC, July 27, 2010
[In 2006, RCMP St. Warren] Gherasim and a fellow police officer, both off-duty at the time, were enjoying an evening of drinks at a golf club in the Cutknife [SK] area.

There was more drinking at a house, and then Gherasim decided to drive himself home.

On the way, he crashed and rolled his vehicle on a local road.

Gherasim suffered a concussion in the crash.

He was not charged but an internal review was done after he admitted he had been drinking on the night in question...

Mistrial declared over Mountie's undisclosed history, CBC, November 19, 2010
Gherasim had been sanctioned in 2006 for disgraceful conduct after rolling his vehicle while off-duty.

He admitted at an internal hearing that he had been drinking, but he was never charged...

A Supreme Court ruling in 2009 said that police must tell the Crown about any misconduct records which may have a bearing on a case.

Under disclosure rules, the Crown would then be required to disclose this information to the defence.

Before Usselman could be sentenced, Judge Marilyn Gray declared a mistrial.

Mountie wasn't charged following drunken brawl, Ottawa Citizen, October 13, 2011
RCMP Sgt. Warren Gherasim hopes [Feb 17, 2010 is] the last time he'll pay a $925 hotel bill only to wake up in a Calgary jail cell after an explosive hotel-room party with a man he met at the airport lounge.

. .."When placed in the police van, Sgt. Gherasim started to kick the roof of the police vehicle and yelled comments such as: "I'm a (expletive) sergeant in the RCMP. . I hope you like lawsuits. . I'll have all of your (expletive) jobs."

Finally, he dropped their police chief's name, saying "Rick Hanson will know my name."

Though he was arrested and jailed for public intoxication and breach of peace, Calgary Police did not charge the RCMP officer.

Gherasim remains the sergeant at the RCMP detachment in Warman, Sask.

A friend and I talked once about personality changes when people drink alcohol. His assertion was that little changed. 'Mean drunks' were people who, without alcohol, might constrain their malice but, with inhibitions lost through consumption of liquor, real personalities surfaced. If a man was dangerous after drinking, he was also dangerous beforehand, like a ticking time-bomb.

Additional reading;

Shoddy policing and accountability show RCMP in B.C. have learned very little, Gary Mason, Globe & Mail, October 14, 2011

Audio tape revives anger of dead woman’s parents about RCMP conduct, Robert Matas, Globe and Mail, October 13, 2011

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  1. Citizens know there is a two tiered hopelessly corrupt judicial system, in Canada. Harper just lets it run, totally corrupt. His best buddy Campbell, is the worst corrupt s.o.b. in Canadian history.

    BC has the most corrupt judicial system in Canada. How can anyone forget, Campbe's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR trial? Such a farce and so corrupt it was laughable, brain dead witnesses and all.

    How many BC police crimes were kicked under the carpet, by the judicial system? All a politician needs is a special prosecutor, to get away with a DUI. A special prosecutor was all Kash Heed needed to get away with his crime.

    It depends on who you are, to get away with crimes. The every day citizen would never get away with the crimes our politicians or the elite can. In BC justice is for only those who can afford it, or have access to the tax payers dollars.

    How asinine is it? The judges also want a salary hike. We don't need all of those judges. The every day people can have set fines and pay them. The politicians, the police and the elite, are automatically let off for their crimes. It's just a waste of money. We know what the judges are going to say, before they say it. In BC we are pretty good at it.



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