Thursday, September 29, 2011

Union guy stealing my cookie

From BNET,
Today’s CEOs think Henry Ford was a chump. Case in point: Larry Young, the CEO of the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. In 2009, DPS made $555 million in profit and has never been in better financial shape. Young’s strategy going forward: cut the pay and benefits of the company’s factory workers.

...According to SEC filings, in 2009 Young received a combined salary and stock awards of over $6.5 million a year. He also receives a free automobile for both business and personal use, an annual allowance for financial planning and tax preparation, and the right to “travel by corporate jet (chartered or company-owned) for all business and personal air travel.” As an extra perk, the company even pays Young an extra $150,000 “to cover the taxes accruing to Mr. Young as a result of this benefit.”

This is the guy who thinks that it’s unreasonable for a factory worker to earn $19 an hour.

Where is the outrage? Where is the anger?

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  1. I love the one about stealing the cookie. I'm going to use it in the future.....

    Guy in Victoria

  2. Hard to understand how much workers are being abused, how Unions area relatively very ineffectual, and how ruthless big business has become ... And yet there is no marching in the streets in protest.

  3. Mainstream Media Ignores Wall Street Protests

    your right. only on Twitter were we aware of the protest

  4. Marching on the streets isn't going to (and didn't) solve anything. The 1%'ers in the ivory towers thought it was quite entertaining, in fact. While it lasted, that is.



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