Sunday, September 4, 2011

Social media can expose the latest BC Liberal outrage

Readers, spread the links to this blog and the many others that provide information the mainstream media ignores. The Order of British Columbia to Campbell, Dobell, Emerson and Aquilini is a slap in the face to every honest citizen.

Join this facebook site and send links to your entire contact list:

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  1. Yes everyone, please sign the petition.

    Campbell has the dirtiest political record, ever in this nations history. Forced to resign. Campbell was a liar, deceiver, corrupt, a thief, broke promises, destroyed BC, forced the HST onto the people, used dirty tactics, a criminal drunk, and just, an all around despised politician, hated by the BC people.

    At least we now know the worth of the OBC, there is nothing worthy about it, what-so-ever. This institution should be abolished. To be abused in this manner, the OBC is disgraceful and, totally dishonorable. Shame, shame.



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