Monday, September 5, 2011

A sad, embarrassing moment that cheapens an honour

Kudos to the Times Colonist editorialists for an honest examination of the Ordure of British Columbia fiasco:
"...Campbell’s honour is premature for another reason — quite simply, it breaks the rules.

A sitting politician cannot be nominated. The nomination deadline was March 10. Campbell resigned as MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey on March 15, five days after the nominations closed.

So a group of insiders honoured one of their own, ignoring the potential to inflame British Columbians, even though they had to break their own rules to do it.

All in all, this is a sad, embarrassing moment, one that cheapens an honour established for all the right reasons.
Read the entire TC editorial HERE.

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  1. Since when, has this province had any laws for scum like Campbell? If there were laws, he would be in prison where he belongs.

    The Laws in BC are only for the everyday citizens. The politicians and the elite have, corrupt courts, corrupt judges, brain dead witnesses and special prosecutors, to get them off drunk charges. Special prosecutors for someone like Kash Heed as well.

    As we can all see, the OBC is just as corrupt as every institution in BC is. There is no honor or prestige in being named. The OBC stinks to high heaven and beyond, just like Campbell does.

    Corrupt, thieving, lying and cheating to win Canadian politicians, are rewarded for their corruption. The entire world knows about Harper and Campbell. They are amazed, Harper would send scum like Campbell as, High Commissioner to England.

    No decent and honorable institution, would ever award Campbell, with any accolade. Everyone is snickering at both, Campbell and Harper behind their backs. The OBC is now, nothing other than a, crap institution. That's the OBC's award, a crap institution.



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