Thursday, September 1, 2011

Message from Alexandra Morton

"Hello, the media is not reporting on this so please forward this email to your contacts.
"Testimony at the Cohen Inquiry Aquaculture Hearings hit a new low yesterday. The lengths scientists are going to cover up the marine anemia outbreak that occurred on salmon farms in the Fraser sockeye migratory corridor is extraordinary. If DFO succeeds in disassembling Dr. Miller's lab, the truth about this disease, its impact on sockeye and the concern voiced in the 1990s regarding its potential for health concerns will never be revealed. 
"If these vets want to tell us all the research done on marine anemia, also called Plasmacytoid Leukemia was wrong, they are going to have to retract the papers they wrote in journals such as Cancer Research, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, The Canadian Veterinary Journal, the Journal of General Virology and Dr. Stephen's PhD Thesis."
Visit Alexandra Morton's blog for honest analysis of the Cohen Inquiry Aquaculture Hearings. You won't get it from the corporate media.

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  1. Of course the mainstream media is covering up the marine anemia outbreak, they are complicit with the fish-farm lobby, in the destruction of our wild salmon stocks.

    This is Canada, the world's newest 'Banana Republic', where politicians and political parties are bought and sold like cheap whores. The MSN regularly sells itself to those who advertise in its papers.

    We live in an Orwellian world where lies are truth; fiction is fact; and corruption is honesty.

    What we get from the MSN is a pablum of un-news and prepaid commentary from soulless creatures who have received their 30 pieces of silver and do not have the shame or the remorse doing what they do.



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