Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Harry Bloy's Entabulator


A source in Victoria leaked information to me explaining why Harry Bloy wants to redirect government spending away from small scale projects like the Richmond Recycling Depot. Bloy thinks that government needs to put real money into a real project that might make a real difference.

Bloy thinks he has found the right one, a real one, and this is it:

Hat Tip to reader Susan H.


Bloy must leave B.C. politics for the good of all, Times Colonist Editorial, April 18, 2012
"The backbench isn’t far enough back for Harry Bloy. The B.C. legislature — and all of British Columbia — would be better served by his absence from provincial politics...

He has said he will not run in the May 2013 election, probably an unnecessary declaration at this point — what thinking, rational party leader would approve his nomination?

The sooner he is out of the legislature, the better."
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