Friday, August 12, 2011

"Not a single word" about the IPP billions to BC Liberal pals

'Canadian Canary', an always intelligent contributor in the blogosphere, left this comment on my CBC story. It deserves prominence so I am reposting the comment on its own:

Canadian Canary said...
"Stephen Smart was on CBC Radio this morning saying he'll be hosting the Vancouver morning show this week.

"Listen in folks, because CBC often doesn't put his interviews on podcast, I think they don't podcast his interviews on political matters so that no one can refer back to them later and criticize him.

"But Smart's misinformation does its damage when it is sent out live over the airwaves across the province. Most people don't know who Stephen Smart is married to (or that his father is a BC Supreme Court judge), they just think he's the CBC's "Leg. guy" as he's so coyly referred to by CBC. Only those who follow the blogosphere know this.

"Maybe Friends of CBC should be informed of this obvious conflict of interest, or worse, possible collusion.

"When Smart launched into his political news interview this morning about the "review" produced by BC Hydro, he spoke only about them reducing their proposed rate hike by a reduction in Hydro jobs. On and on he and the other CBC host went, all about Hydro jobs, too many engineers, comparing the number of engineers in Hydro to the ferries or transportation...

"Smart and the host said not a single word about the billions of dollars of contracts awarded to "independent" producers (friends of the Liberals) for which we taxpayers are beholden, or the unnecessary billion dollar expenditure to replace perfectly good meters with so-called Smart Meters for dubious purposes and benefits, both of which were raised in interview clips with other people at the start of Smart's discussion.

"Stephen Smart should be removed from CBC -- today. I would urge people to call their CBC stations, Radio and TV, and ask to speak to the executive director, call and write the CRTC, MPs. Don't take weasel words for an answer either.

"And Christy Clark should remove Smart's wife from her Executive job as deputy director of communications.

"This is just nonsense. Yet both the premier and CBC carry on as if there is nothing untoward. They are playing a dangerous game, thumbing their noses at the citizens of this province.

"I am so angry I am even thinking I should picket CBC offices."

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  1. If all of these lowlife BC Liberal's were in England, they would be in prison. England does not permit their politicians, to lie, thieve and cheat their citizens. There are two M.P's in England doing time right now, for just that.

    Nor, is the English media corrupt, muzzled or bought, as the Canadian media is. BC's media, are the worst in Canada. During the WW11 years, the CBC was the voice of Canada. Now they are the scum, of media Canada.

    Right now, if we were Brits, we would be rioting. BC is a cesspool of corruption. There are documents on Christy's part, in Campbell's theft and corrupt sale of the BCR, on Alex Tsakumis' web site.

    My first thought about the smart meters was, there had to be a kickback for Campbell. He has the fame of, never passing up a buck, no matter how dirty. The smart meters, are a useless waste of money.

    I wouldn't be the least surprised, if the BC Liberals, didn't get a kickback from their Liberal firms either. They were secretly given the contracts, for the pro HST campaign.

  2. Who listens to BC radio stations or reads BC newspapers?

    We live in an age of deceit, where the truth has been exchanges for lies.

    If Bill Good were to say the world is flat, half of those listening to him would believe him.

    Herr Goebbels himself would be so pleased how the BC print and electronic media have sold themselves for the proverbial "30 pieces of silver", to serve the Liberal government.

    Quid est gubernatio dicitur locus est apud

  3. The hallmark of a corrupt and dishonest regime is to lie, hide, confuse or not admit to ............

    The current BC Liberal government is guilty of all of these traits.

    It is no small wonder that the people of British Columbia are so pissed at what the government is doing. The problems in Britain are indicative of what can and might happen in this province. There has already been a taste of wanton destruction and rioting after the Stanley Cup finals loss.

    Frustration, anger, disgust are all simmering below the surface over thes current governments polocies and actions. Charging the offenders is to treat only the symptoms of a corrupt regime and does nothing for public moral.

    It is high time that the main stream media got off of their butts and start to report the news - not government propaganda, in an honest and straight forward manner.

    BC is terminally sick from the government on down. Unless radical actions are taken, the whole province will fall prey to the cancerous blight that is currently consuming the BC Liberal government and it's fawning MLA's.


  4. Sadly, after many decades, I'm no longer a loyal CBC fan.

    Stephen Smart's "reporting" was the coup de grace for CBC radio's coverage of BC politics. And the website has become a travesty, only reports the most superficial of stories (crime, weather, traffic accidents and animals).

    Thank goodness for BC bloggers like you, Laila, Ian Reid, Ross K, Sean Holman, BC Mary and Alex T. Without you, we'd have nothing remotely qualifying as investigative journalism.

  5. Well, I wish we had the resources to do real investigative reporting. Responsible bloggers spend many, many hours researching so the written material makes sense and is defensible. I'm quite happy to have people disagree with my opinions but I want the underlying facts to be verifiable. That takes time but is the foundation of worthwhile articles.

    As readers know, there are many articulate people commenting regularly on blogs. I think this is valuable, one of the greatest strengths of alternative media.




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