Friday, August 26, 2011

A new style at the former Top Dog?

Corus Radio ran a promo at 8:35 am today that included Bill Good saying,
"At CKNW, we make sure we bring you the news with a balanced perspective."
I wonder when this new policy began. Michael Campbell wonders too.

Actually, Good's show puts the lie to the claim of "balanced perspective." From Bill and his guest preceding the 9 AM news, oil industry consultant Roger McKnight, we learned the proposed tar sand oil pipeline across BC and the oil port at Kitimat are fabulous ideas, argued against only by a few misguided environmentalists. McKnight worries that "65 protesters" might shut off the American market to Canadian oil. Therefore, we urgently need Enbridge's Northern Gateway project.
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  1. Hmmm ... kind of like the Orwellian "Ministry of Truth", eh? Man, the stuff going on in this province is unbelievable! It seems as though every aspect of caring for the public good has been downloaded on private citizens, while government and its media lackeys busily service the needs of corporations. So I am grateful to you, Norm, and many of your fellow bloggers, for providing the balance so obviously lacking in the mainstream media today.

  2. A source has told the "Eye" that revenues are way down at NW and now losing the BC Ferries account and a few others, there is panic.

    What was once CORUS media's flagship radio station is nothing more than a continual infomercial, salted with right-wing rantings from shills for ponzi schemes or alike.

    'NW is an embarrassment; Good is an embarrassment; Campbell is an embarrassment; the stamp dealer is an embarrassment.

    it is time that CKNW say adiós and fade away like the old CJOR.



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