Thursday, August 25, 2011

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are

BC Ferries Admiral David Hahn is beginning work on a program to reduce expenses.
Take a guess. 
Are they likely to reduce maintenance on vessels?

Or take a scythe to the executive suite?

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  1. Hahn is annoying. But at least this whole fiasco shows that the whole "You must pay top dollar to get the best and brightest" thing is nonsense - kinda like "Industries can police themselves" and "Privatisation is best". Trouble is, most of us had already figured out the flawed reasoning behind these schemes BEFORE they were put into action. But we will pay forever - oh yes, WE will pay for these foolish experiments.

    God, it's maddening!

    I really wish there was some accountability here; perhaps we could dock Mr. Hahn's bonus or something...

  2. Press Release from Dec. 9, 2002

    Ministry of Transportation



    “The new structure will help ensure services are delivered on time and on budget. It will create a vibrant, properly managed ferry system that improves customer service, creates new jobs for coastal communities, ensures stable rates and is sustainable for the future.”

    Reid said a revitalized ferry system will mean:

    · Improved service and customer choice

    · Guaranteed service levels and fair rates

    · An independent regulator to protect the public interest

    · Economic development and job creation

    · Public ownership of ferry terminals

    · No new public debt

    · Ongoing accountability."

    end of clip.............

    the only person that sees this plan for BC Ferries as a success is David Hahn and his top brass.
    Less sailings to look after must mean less management.
    But the workers who actually deliver the service are the first to go.
    One David Hahn cut must be equal to 100 plus casuals laid off, efficiency begins with cuts at the top, leave the loose change paid employees until the end.

  3. Hey Norm,
    I just have to ask myself if I were to find myself on a vessel such as the Queen of the North and I was dependent on help being saved would I rather some trained casual to help or be looking up and seeing David Hahn and I realize who should go! We the public are now being held at ransom for this lone individual, how pathetic is that!

  4. start clip.....
    Hahn tells the Province Newspaper there is a 'night and day' difference between BC Ferries and Washington's no-frills service. He says tourists account for 20 per cent of travellers using ferries in BC, and they want the extras.

    end clip.......

    So the way to be successful is to worry about 20% of your customer base and forget about the other 80%?
    And you get a bonus for that type of thinking.



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