Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Has the RCMP ever admitted to mistake?

CBC News, Police dog left in hot SUV prompts training changes
"10-month-old German shepherd was locked in a police SUV . . . in early July, on one of the hottest days of the year. The off-duty officer, who was out fishing at the time, left the windows of the SUV partially open but it wasn't enough to keep the vehicle cool.

"Marina employees put a tent over the vehicle and sprayed it with water to cool in down before calling 911.

"Police say the dog was not in distress, but witnesses described the interior of the SUV as a "furnace. . . "
Nice of the RCMP to provide an SUV for the member's fishing trip; did they supply the boat and fishing rods too?

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  1. They never have to admit to any mistake as long as the BC Liberals are in power. This is a very sick 'n twisted government now and everyone I know can't wait for an election to throw them to the curb. That is why we won't see one until they legislated date of spring 2013.

    The RCMP have managed to take any respect they had before and dwindle it down to zero.



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