Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why is rudeness becoming de rigueur?

From David Mitchell's Soapbox
"Then there’s Dragon’s Den, a veritable temple of rudeness, which also tells a barefaced lie about how business is done. The people who do that job for real are not rude to prospective business partners because there’s no percentage for anyone in there being so. They don’t sanctimoniously tick people off nor do they spend ten minutes thinking up a weak pun that combines their wish not to invest with the field of the invention in question.

“ 'A new type of cheese? I’d have to be crackers to invest.' 
"They have civilized meetings at which they give polite if straightforward responses to submissions and then everyone gets on with their life. Whereas Dragon’s Den not only misrepresents rudeness as straightforwardness, but also implies that this is how successful business people behave and something anyone who has aspirations in that direction should emulate.

"The show is not fundamentally about people trying to sell inventions to established entrepreneurs; it is about established entrepreneurs trying to sell their fake indignation and weak put-downs as wit.

"And, I should like to respond to their pitch with a graceful and courteous, “Piss-off!

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