Monday, August 29, 2011

Financial report for all days

Updown Court, Surrey England - yours for only $115 million

150 carats & other flawless points, $30 million 
Not everything is perfect
Vancouver near Abbott Street

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  1. Just think. Campbell will have all of those wonderful goodies, within a short time in England. Campbell will skip the last picture though. That's the enduring shite, of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals.

    I think England has been warned about Campbell, though. He won't get away with thieving and bribing there. The citizens over there, are quite touchy about lies, deceit, thieving, and cheating by their politicians. They already don't have any use for Harper. He lied about the dirty tar sands oil...said it was clean energy.

  2. Poor ol gordo. Cocaine, booze and women cost lots more over in jolly old.

    Kam Lee

  3. All those luxeries...made possible by poor working class.

    WTF has changed in the last four or five centuries anyway?



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