Monday, August 8, 2011

Ethical SpOil

Licia Corbella, Postmedia News, Aug 4/11
"Ethical oil campaign aims to silence critics. Website’s ads hammer myths about energy-buying practices: Canada’s resources or ‘bloody’ oil that funds terrorism . . ."
Nathan Vanderklippe, Globe and Mail, Aug 7/11:
". . . The [Environment Canada] report, called Canada’s Emissions Trends, was released quietly in July. It tracks changes in greenhouse gas output for a number of sectors between 2005 and 2020.
"Over that period, it projects that electricity generators will see their emissions fall by 31 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, largely as a result of coal-fired plants giving way to natural gas-fired power.
"But that figure is far eclipsed by the oil sands, which will see carbon output rise by 62 megatonnes, tripling its 2005 levels. Of that, 25 megatonnes will come from new so-called “in situ” extraction methods that inject steam into underground wells to extract oil sands crude. A further 11 megatonnes will come from expansion of oil sands mining. The rest is expected from additional upgrading, a process used to transform the thick, heavy oil sands bitumen into a lighter crude that can then be refined into end products like diesel and gasoline. . ."
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  1. I really think "Ethical Oil" may eventually go down as the most unethical marketing ploy in human history - worse than the tobacco apologists.

  2. I suppose by taking these attitudes, we are reducing our chance of receiving lucrative advertising support for our blogs from the tar sands extractors. I notice that one of the news/talk radio stations is running adverts for the dirty-oil producers and is supplementing those with softball interviews on the talk shows promoting ethical spoil.



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